Saturday, June 7, 2008

Scooter Gang

It's heartwarming to see so many scooters on the road these days. I love mine very much. I've actually posted about it before.
One of the lovely guys at my job just bought a 125cc Kymco and another guy I work with is seriously considering it. I can't help but feel a touch of pride that I hopped on the bandwagon so early, and that they've sought my opinion to a certain degree.
Honestly, right now, I don't understand people who live in town and don't investigate getting one, especially when it could fit into their lifestyle easily. People tell me how much it is costing them to fill up their cars up, and I feel so sorry for them, but at the same time I usually try and bring up my scooter in the hope that they will consider getting one. 
I know that my finances would be even more devastated if I hadn't made the decision to sell my car and buy a 50cc Kymco Agility. I would probably be spending $150 a month on insurance and then over $100 a month on gas and maintenance. 
As it happens, I spend about $8 a month. 
I'm very concerned about rising gas prices. As a scooter owner, I know it doesn't seem like it would affect me, but the price of gas trickles down into other areas like food, which I have started to notice. The price of gas has a definite effect on people choosing to spend money on their entertainment, such as theatre. I worry that my theatre will lack sales as people try and conserve money. I know that right now, I wouldn't be able to afford. I certainly hope that I am in the minority and that people choose to continue to support the arts. I'm hoping that I am worrying over nothing. 

Extra Money Made Yesterday:

$34.40 - Etsy
$23.10 - Sold Clothes
$7 - Surveys

Total - $64.50

Total Minimum Left Needed for June - $127 Extra

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