Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekly Financial Round Up 06/29

I did so well this week until Thursday when I finally succumbed to peer pressure and spent money. Almost all of the money for food was on friday when I bought three separate meals.

Spent - $48.66

Entertainment - $15.16
Food - $33.50

Extra Money Made - $70.50

Etsy - $47.50
Transcription - $20
Surveys - $3

At least I'm still making more than I'm spending, but I've been charging things on my credit card for convenience and that needs to, again, not happen. I think $20 was an unrealistic goal last week. Lets try spending no more than $30 this time around.
I have got to get better this week. And thats it on the movie front, no more until Dark Knight unless someone else is buying!

Heres how I did last week:

Weekly Spending - June 22nd

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