Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekly Financial Round Up 06/22

This was another week where I spent too much money on food and designer drinks. I want to spend no more than $20 next week. I have enough money to pay my next rent check, but it's tight and I can't take any money out of my account. I have charged a little of this to my credit cards and that also has to stop. Thankfully though, my extra money goal for June has been hit a week early. I will increase this for next month, bearing in mind again that I only pull about 20% of the Etsy money into my bank account. The rest is reinvested.

Spent - $34.10

Gas - $3.81
Entertainment - $9
Food - $10.42
Designer Drinks- $10.87

Extra Money Made - $86.07

Selling DVD's - $21.07
Etsy - $65

Extra Money Needed for June - Goal reached. 
Goal for July will be $250

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