Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Port in the Storm

Living in a big city makes me very aware of how we are a Starbucks nation. There are at least three Starbucks on Peachtree Street alone, and numerous other chain and independent coffee shops. Some people dive in for a quick latte, and others set up their laptops or read a book adn stay for hours. 

My husband and I are both the kind of people that like to work in coffee shops. We have different favorites. His is Javamonkey in Decatur, and mine is Dr Bombay's Underwater Tea Party on McClendon.
My coffee shop is my port in the storm. I work well there. I like the drinks, I like that it is lined with books that are all just 50c and the money goes to a local elementary school. I like that they have ice cream and  that all the chairs are comfy, and I like that hardly anyone knows about it. 

My generation, the internet generation, seems more comfortable spending time out of the house. It's as though we always have to be working or doing something, and to spend time at home is us being lazy.

Last night, I needed somewhere to go. I went to my coffee shop and I stayed there until they closed. I was absolutely comfortable, safe and happy. I had a great Chai tea, high speed internet, and a comfy environment. For me, it was exactly what I needed... space without space. 
I feel very relaxed and able to focus when I'm there. I don't have a cat jumping on me, and I'm not looking around at all of the housework that needs doing. The environment is one that is calm, and I can associate it with a relaxed feeling. 

So what does this say about our home environments? Why is it that we would rather be among perfect strangers than at our home? Why are we always working? Why do drinks always taste better when someone else makes them? 

Will we always rely on coffee shops as our port in the storm? Will it ever go back to being peoples houses that we gravitate to? For me, I know that at least once more this week I will be curled up on a couch with my laptop and either a chai tea or a hot chocolate will be on the table in front of me, and I will probably be writing something for this blog.

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