Friday, June 6, 2008

Lock Down

I think yesterday was the first day in a long while that I managed to get everything on my To-Do list done. I'm quite pleased with that!
However, I am now officially in total financial lockdown. Not a penny to be spent on non-essentials. Absolutely nothing. It's hard because I am married to someone who makes a fair bit more money than I do, and likes to spend it. He likes eating out and going for coffee or ice cream or whatever, and I have to make it clear to him that I can't buy that so if we go, he'd have to pay. We have plenty of food at home so there isn't much of a need for that kind of thing. 
We just opened Much Ado About Nothing at work last night. I'm excited for the cast because it seemed to be quite well received, and this is a cast with a lot of people that I really adore. I like when I get to see them :-)

Things to Do

Mail out Body Scrub Subscriptions (Just 3 Packages)
Write 200 Words
Send out one Query Letter
Five Ad Calls
Take Clothes to Ragorama to Sell
Find and list old camera for sale
Clean the house

This is, of course, all before I go to work at 3. 

Extra Money Made Yesterday:

$0 Again. Hence the selling of clothes. 

I need to make at least $200 extra during June to pay bills so this is not looking good.

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