Tuesday, September 9, 2008

101 Top Personal Finance Tips - Part 3

Image by Kiki99

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For Tips 1-10, check out the following articles:

11. Try Thrift Store Shopping

Instead of hitting up the mall, try going to a thrift store. Check out one in a good part of town or an upscale neighborhood for more designer cast off clothes. A recent trip to a thrift store and a consignment store got me a wool skirt, a silk camisole and a wool sweater for $24 total. They are great places to get classic outfit staples. 

12. Buy Generic

Often there is little difference between the product in generic packaging as is in name brand packaging. If you are very picky about food and the idea of buying generic doesn't appeal to you, try buying your garbage bags, toilet paper, plastic wrap and other non-food products generic instead. This will save you pennies that will add up to dollars over time.

13. Purge Every Six Months

Regularly clean out books that you have read or clothes that you no longer wear every six months or so. List books and DVD's on Half.com or Amazon.com. For clothing, at the start of six months turn all of your clothes hangers the wrong way round. As you wear and wash them, put them back in the closet the right way. At the end of six months, any clothes that have been in season that are still turned around should be packed up and taken to a consignment store. Try sorting through other knick-knacks and have a yard sale or post some things on eBay. 

14. Half Fill Your Gas Tank

Gas weighs 6lb per gallon and 50lb reduces your miles per gallon by 1%, so only fill your car up half way to reduce the weight of your car. This may only add an extra mile per gallon or so to your car, but every little helps!

15. Trade Movie Theaters for Netflix

Two people heading to the movie theatre once a week will set you back $18 a week even if you don't buy any snacks. Netflix has a one-movie-at-a-time deal for $8.99 a month which includes shipping and they will give you a two week free trial. It you do that once a week instead of going to the theater it will save you $63.01 every month. 


Anonymous said...

The story I hear is that more gasoline evaporates the less full the the tank is. Now, I don't know how this compares to the savings you mentioned.
I did a thing about saving gas at my blog last april

Jack Kennard said...

Great ideas, I like buying 365 generics.

I need a lamp and bought my last one at a consignment shop, what a great deal.

I must disagree with you about keeping your tank half empty. You can lose more gas through evaporation. I try to fill my tank up before it's 3/4 empty and fill it up early in the am while it's still cool.

Francois Viljoen said...

Another advantage of watching movies at home rather than the cinema is you don't have to drive there!

That way you also save on gas and won't have to worry too much about keeping your tank half-full or full-full. :)

Until Debt do us part said...

I like number 13 - purge every six months. If you hang on to stuff for too long it ends up cluttering your home and leaves you feeling tierd.

The longer you leave it to purge the harder it is going to be. Better to do little and often and stay on top of it.

Anonymous said...

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