Thursday, November 13, 2008

Book Review : ProBlogger

Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett have produced a wonderful collaboration with the ProBlogger book.
I've been a fan of the ProBlogger site for a while now and was excited to read their book. I find that blogging has become a big part of my life and I know that it is a medium that interests a lot of other people.


This book is separated into ten chapters packed full of tips and advice ranging from Niche Blogging, Blogging for Money, Promotion, and Writing. Chris and Darren draw a lot from their personal experiences and successes with becoming professional bloggers who earn over six figures from their sites. The first few chapters hit on a lot of beginner information, including basics on how to set up for a blog. The later chapters give better advice for established bloggers, such as information on joining blog networks and how to buy and sell blogs.

The writing style is casual and not too overwhelming. The book is well organized and planned with images interspersed throughout. The chapters are laid out similarly to blog posts with lots of sub headings, bullet points and text boxes.

The Good

Blog Writing is a great chapter in particular. It goes over 20 types of posts, how to write a successful series and how to make your blog more interactive. There are a lot of great examples, case studies and statistics.

The book is an engaging read and is written in a very comprehensive format. It would be exceptionally good for a beginner or for someone who is new to blogging and curious about how to use it as side income and make it successful.

The Bad

The pictures chosen are not always helpful. One example is an example of a traffic spike. It's essentially just a very tall column alongside many short columns with no additional data. It was a bit superfluous and felt as some of the images were an afterthought to break up chunks of text.

If you are more of an intermediate to expert blogger, this book will not change your life. It's helpful and good at reminding you of things you may have forgotten, but the bulk of the book is for beginners. It is also a very Wordpress heavy book, as most sites and books about blogging tend to be.

My Recommendation

This is a worthwhile read. I enjoyed it and have gained some valuable advice from it. I didn't have a major epiphany, but I was reminded of some techniques and tactics that I had let slide.

4 out of 5

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