Friday, November 28, 2008

Here Come the Bills : Winter Heating Season

Image by Smig44

Well, we just got our first gas bill of the winter and it was high. Very high. High enough to make me instantly switch the heat off and stomp around the house in an irritated fashion. 

Since we got our bill, we only turned the heat on once for about 20 minutes. We have a space heater that we are keeping near us whenever we are home now and we only plan to use the heat if it gets too cold to handle. 

Space heaters are definitely a great investment if you are trying to save money on your heating bills. I also recommend good pajamas and wearing socks to be as an alternative solution. 
Whenever I use the oven these days, I always leave it open when I am done with it so that the heat inside can be put to good to use.

We live in a big open loft with huge poorly insulated windows, so extremes of temperature are never fun for us. Since we'll be staying here a while longer, we're going to need to get creative with the heating and cooling of this place. I have a feeling that we will be investing in a programmable thermostat pretty soon. 

In the meantime, what are your tips and tricks for heating and cooling large spaces? 

On a side note, a new project that I have been working on, UX Booth launched today. Please check it out and share it with anyone you think would enjoy it!

And also, I'm on No Spend Day number 5!

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